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Common Boarding Questions

Can I take my dog out during the day?

Absolutely!  Your pet is available to you anytime during our office hours.  We know your pet is a member of the family and understand you want to spend time with them on your vacation. 


We do require a credit card on file when taking your pet and that all 4 legged friends be back in our facility 1 hour prior to closing.

Our plans have changed, can we pick up/drop off early?

Yes we understand that things change, however you will be charged for the entirety of your original reserved stay at check out. 

We have kept this space for your pup and will charge for the nights you did not come in but had reserved.

Can I walk through the Kennel?

Here at Lake Farm we do not offer a walk through of our facility.  We do this to keep all of our guests happy and feeling comfortable.  Just as your pet would be uncomfortable with a stranger in your home, the same goes for strangers coming in and out of the kennel (their home while staying with us). 

We are more than happy to show you one of our vacant pens. 

What should I bring for my Pet?
  • One or more of your pets favorite toys 

  • A t-shirt that smells like you (this keeps your pet feeling at home)

  • Your pets favorite treats or bones

  • Beds and blankets are more than welcome if they are not too large, we like to be able to wash them if needed

  • Your pets own food and treats if they require a special diet (or if they are just a picky eater)
    We do suggest that you bring your pup's regular food to try and not upset their routine any more than it already is.

What does their day look like while in the kennel

Every dog has their own individual indoor outdoor run.  While inside this is where your pup will be.  They have their own bed/blankets, toys, and treats and are fed in their pens. 

You are welcome to tailor your dogs stay to their needs here at Lake Farm.  We offer add-on's so they are able to play as much or little as you would like. 

- Make sure to check out our special treats you can add too! -


All boarding, daycare, and grooming reservations will not be confirmed until proof of vaccinations are provided.

If a vaccination is needed between the time of reservation and your stay, we ask that the appointment be made before calling;  and that the records be sent over the day they are given.

Is there staff in the kennel not during office hours?

Yes!  Though we may be closed, we use this time to really focus on our guests to make sure all are getting the best possible care, love, and attention they deserve. 

Our office hours do not reflect the time we are here tending to your pets.

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